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Brunnenfigur - Muschelloewe

"Fabulous Creatures"

Shell Statues by Barbara Lenz


While developing her "Fantastical Creatures" from birdsí feathers, Barbara Lenz has also created large-format animal statues from seashells and snail shells.

The 1m 60cm tall "Shell Lion" is an outdoor fountain statue. Powered by a circulating pump, a stream of water flows from the lionís mouth into a bowl decorated with coral in its arms, and then into a basin down below.


A wide variety of empty seashells and snail shells, mostly from Franconian vineyard snails, are painstakingly applied by hand onto the base of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

The same method is used to create the "Shell Panther" (body length 1m 30cm), also a fountain statue, and the "Flying Buck-Bat" (wingspan 4m), the semi-plastic gabel decoration on a summerhouse.

Barbara Lenzís latest work during summer 2007 was to transform an old garden shed into a candlelit, walk-in shell grotto with mirrored walls. 




Muschelloewe - Detail Kof   


Muschelbrunnen Muschelloewe - Detail Hose





Gartenhaus mit Flederbock






Grotte - Detail