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Tierkundemuseum Dresden

Zoology Museum in the Zwinger Palace, Dresden


Ausstellung Dresden

Ausstellung Dresden

"Fantastical Creatures" Exhibition at the Zoology Museum, Zwinger Palace, Dresden



"Fabulous Creatures"

Exhibitions of  Barbara Lenz's Work


In addition to numerous exhibitions in galleries and art fairs, Barbara Lenz’s entire "Fantastical Creatures" collection has appeared in many exciting exhibitions. These have generated extremely wide public attention and rapturous media interest.

- at the Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzburg Residence, 1996

- at the German Museum of Hunting and Fishing, Munich, 1999

- at the State Museum for Zoology, Zwinger Palace, Dresden, 1999 - 2000

- at Mainfränkisches Museum, Fortress Würzburg,  2014 - 2015

- at Naturkundemuseum Bamberg, 2005

- at "Schloss Moritzburg" near Dresden, 22. June – 16. October 2016, solo exhibition


To display the precious and delicately crafted works in suitable surroundings, it was extremely important to decorate the exhibition space appropriately. Black fabric pathways were constructed like tents, creating the impression of an unbelievably atmospheric chamber or even treasure chest. The only lighting in the room was on the exhibits in their display cases.

Garlands of boxwood, ribbons and other decorations added to the cohesion of this work of art, in which the centerpiece was the "Fantastical Creatures".



The following appeared in the Sächsische Zeitung (regional newspaper in Saxony), Dresden on December 11, 1999:

"The Zoology Museum in the Dresden Zwinger Palace has been transformed into a magical world; behind a heavy dark velvet curtain a dimly lit room opens into the domain of "Fantastical Creatures". They are brought to life in the limelight of their display cases.

"Here is the ‘Silk Paw Court Confectioners’. In a Vienna cake shop at the turn of the century Madame Kitty, dressed in a dark purple feather dress with a lacy apron offers her delicacies to her customers, the mice. In the meantime, a little boy mouse longs for the goldfish in the jar. An abundance of cakes and pastries fills the shelves. Pure heaven for a hungry little mouse with a sweet tooth.

"By way of contrast, the ‘Owl’, the Queen of the Night, is quite dangerous. A black feather dress, a silver thistle skirt, a headdress made of snakes and a real hornet in her hand.

"’Autumn’ has a bird’s head with a long beak and a crown of thistles. His clawhand is clutching a branch decorated bells and a bird’s skull. His trousers are made of birch leaves and his jacket sparkles with pearls and sequins."



Treppenhaus Jagd- u.Fischereimuseum Muenchen Aussellung Muenchen Ausstellung Ballon

"Fantastical Creatures" Exhibition at the German Museum of Hunting and Fishing, Munich


Ausstellung Wuerzburg Ausstellung Wuerzburg

"Fantastical Creatures" Exhibition at the Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzburg Residence


Tiffany Muenchen Schaufenster Tiffany Muenchen Huber Muenchen

"Fantastical Creatures" window decoration for Tiffany’s and Huber Watches, Munich