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Barbara - Bella

Selfportrait Barbara with Bella


      "Fabulous Creatures"

Artist Profile - Barbara Lenz


Barbara Lenz was born in Würzburg in 1965 and, after graduating high school, finished top of her year in a precision mechanics apprenticeship.

Barbara Lenz then worked as an architectural model builder and subsequently completed a degree in architecture at the Technical University of Munich, before working for many years in a Munich-based architectural firm.

The very first "Fantastical Creatures" were created during Barbara Lenz’s studies. Since returning to her hometown in 2005 she has worked as a self-employed artist, focusing primarily on the creation of her "Fantastical Creatures".

Her "Fantastical Creatures" have been featured in many exhibitions with the themes ‘Mythical Creatures, The World of Fantastical Figurines, Figurine Theatre, Imaginary Worlds, Cabinets of Curiosities’ etc. Listed below is just a selection of exhibitions to date:



  • The Old Treasury at the Munich Residence,
    October/November 1995
  • Martin von Wagner Museum at the University of Würzburg at the Würzburg Residence, December 1996 - March 1997, solo exhibition
  • Trimetall Gallery, Cologne,
    February 1998, solo exhibition
  • German Museum of Hunting and Fishing, Munich,
    March – May 1999, solo exhibition
  • State Museum for Zoology, Zwinger Palace Dresden, 
    December 1999 - February 2000, solo exhibition
  • Exhibition "Lenz-Lenz-Lenz", Kitzingen Town Hall,
    July 2001, family exhibition
  • Art and Antiques Fair, Würzburg,
    June 2002, Marienberg Fortress
  • "Fine A.R.T.S. Würzburg"
    October 2003, Kulturspeicher at the Old Port
  • "Fine A.R.T.S. Würzburg"
    October 2005, Kulturspeicher at the Old Port
  • Recipient of the "World Prize of Salvador Dali for Fine Arts" Madrid, May 2006, Prague
  • Participant in the "art-imaginär" exhibition – fantastical and visionary art, September - October 2007, Herrenhof in Mussbach-Neustadt / Weinstrasse
  • Kunsthaus Nüdling Fulda, 2009, solo exhibition
  • Galery "Epoca" Paris, 2010/2011, solo exhibition
  • "Lenz hoch 3", Siebold-Museum Würzburg, 2011, family exhibition
  • Mainfränkisches Museum at fortress Würzburg, 2014 - 2015, solo exhibition
  • Naturkunde-Museum Bamberg, 2015, solo exhibition
  • "Schloss Moritzburg" near Dresden, 22. June – 16. October 2016, solo exhibition