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"Fabulous Creatures"

Feather Figurines by Barbara Lenz


Barbara Lenz, the Würzburg-based artist, creates her "Fantastical Creatures" mainly using feathers from a wide range of birds. Other natural materials such as leaves, thistles, shells and also pearls, rhinestones and cotton wool decorate her works of art, most of which are animals in human poses.

The handcrafted, artistic precision makes these highly detailed figurines truly captivating. Barbara Lenz, a qualified precision mechanic has also breathed life into her "Fantastical Creatures"…

Many are adorned with musical clocks and some have internal mechanisms so they can move to music. Others are fitted with smoke generators or a device which blows tiny bubbles.


It takes weeks, sometimes even months to complete a 30cm tall statue. Barbara Lenz has created a continually developing, growing collection of magical works of art drawing on a wide variety of sources. Particularly fascinating is her portrayal of the age-old theme of the relationship between humans and animals and the poetic manner in which her creatures hold up a mirror to humans.

The gestures of the "Fantastical Creatures" are particularly unexpected, and human characteristics can often be seen in the animals’ appearance.

It is not only hidden messages which feature in the artist’s work, but often a sense of playfulness, a love of the world of make-believe and a mischievous impulse which guide her hand.










Nikophino Eléphand Ballon